looking for job gigs for 2019

published: 2019-01-04

last modified: 2023-01-25

I, Matsuura Tomoya is now looking for job gigs for 2019.

2019.01.31 update

Currently I’m planning to enter to Doctral Program at Kyushu University. So I will be based in Fukuoka, at least, for this year as well as last 2 years.

However, any invitation is welcome!




  • Matsuura Tomoya is now looking for job gigs for 2019

  • I’m good at programming with Cycling'74 Max, openFrameworks & etc, especially in digital signal processing and acoustic theory

  • My characteristic is that I can manage from a system engineering for sound equipments to compositions comprehensively, rather than an ordinary programmer.

  • I’m considering to work as freelancer but I can accept offers for a permanent job position depending on its treatment.

  • I’m now based in Fukuoka, Japan but I can move anywhere (depending on the offer).

  • Last year I did some gigs remotely, so jobs around softwares from any districts are welcome.

Who are you?

I am Tomoya Matsuura. Born in 1994, now I’m based in Fukuoka, Japan.


my recent photo(by Tiriree Kananuruk)

I’m calling myself as SoundMaker. I’m basically an artist and musician, making installation works and musical instruments, and performing with them.

Currently I am a graduate student at Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University. I’m working on making new-media arts themselves as my master project. Some papers are accepted to peer-reviewed international conferences.

Also, 2 years before, I was working at teamLab as a sound engineer/programmer. The job contains programming for interactive music contents and actual installations at venue (including many overseas exhibitions). Also experienced internship at YCAM(Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) Interlab and student at School for Poetic Computation(artist-run, kind of alt-grad school).

I’m now working on my master thesis and will graduate in next March but I have completely no plan from next April.

There’s some plan other than doing a freelancer but I’m thinking to obtain money to start my own project in the future for now.

What are you doing as freelancer?

I experienced jobs like a sound programming, sound design, technical supports for artists, composition and more general audio engineering like recording, mixing and foley.

What’s your strong point?

Maybe it’s hard to imagine what I can do actually so I would like to explain what I did as an freelancer in last year.

The most big job was Tree of gods YAKUSUGI 〜EUR 1 Million Table〜 commissioned by Tokyo Mokuzai Sohgo Ichiba Inc. and Shiitake Matsuri Inc. presented in Milano Design Week 2018.

This was a interactive video content projected onto a table made with Yakusugi, a very old and precious tree in Yakushima, Japan.

I created an interactive music & designed sound effects with 4ch surround system for the content.

I managed sound stuff comprehensively this time such as proposing hardware systems (speakers, audio interfaces, cables & etc), consulting placements of speakers, actual composition & programming.

I did not go to venue because I have another project this time but I did setting up softwares remotely from Japan.

An interesting point of this work was that a process of the composition and the programming is strongly connected because a composer and a programmer is the same person. Also the music piece could be perfectly dedicated for the 4ch sound system which I proposed.

The picture above is the screenshot of the application developed in Cycling'74 Max. I used Faust another programming language for lower-level audio processing inside Max. In the creation, writing algorithms of synthesizers and effects are parts of my composition. Some musical/timbral parts are generated and modified in time by getting informations of graphics via OSC.

What so called an interactive music is usually constructed by cross-fading some pre-rendered musical parts (sometimes this is called as vertical change) or changing a sequence of music conditionally(similarly, horizontal change), but, in my way, a composition and a programming is essentially identical process, so I can manage more challenging task.

Also, I have experiences like a recording, mixing, sound design for movies and animations.

What I can do which I have not tried in commercial works

I learned many kinds of digital fabrication skills like a laser cutter and 3D printingm and a basic design of circuit boards using EAGLE.

This is my original electronic instrument Exidiophone, which I developed last year. I designed PCB with EAGLE, did a prototyping with a CNC milling machine(mostly with Roland Monofab), finally ordered PCB to Seeed studio and printed a body with 3D printer(Ultimaker).

Recently I am also interested in a fabrication like a mass production. I’m planning to make a DIY kit of the instrument and to sell them.


Where are you based in this year?

For now, I will be based in Fukuoka, Japan and will be doing jobs like I mentioned above, however, if you are interested in hiring me for permanent position, please feel free to contact me. Last year I managed most of jobs remotely.

How much?

This is a difficult to explain because an guarantee is quite different from its client and content of job.

For example, the gig like Tree of God, which I undertook most of sound stuffs, the actual tasks can be separated as below.

(For example of a case fully I commited for a month long)

  • System proposal:make a list of equipments(BOM) and technical rider(system diagrams) based on a consultation from a concept of the works and constraints like a venue and budgets($600)
  • Sound Direction:Decide an appropriate directionality of the sound based on concepts, visual elements and etc.($700)
  • Sound Design:Create a mockup(for example, only sound materials or pre-rendered music for interactive stuffs) based on the direction. I usually take a recreation because of an upstream direction up to 3 times. The case more than it, I will request re-take fee.($1400)
  • Sound Programming:Actual programming works, including automatic boot&shutdown($1200)

(If someone who does similar job feels this is too cheap, tell me secretly…)

The bigger scale of works will requires much time for sound design and programming but system proposal and direction will require same amount of time in most of cases.

Feel free to contact me

e-mail: me@matsuuratomoya.com

(sometimes the address rejects mails, if so, please use matsuura.nonymous@gmail.com instead.)

It’s also OK to reach me via DM of twitter,fb,instagram,Linkedin.





Thank you for reading!