I’m going to participate in Maker Faire Kyoto 2019 which will be held in May 4th&5th 2019, as Tomoya Matsuura and will exhibit & perform with Exidiophone, my original Electro-acoustic Instrument. https://makezine.jp/event/mfk2019/

Participate in Maker Faire Kyoto 2019(2019-05-03)

I will participate Inter College Sonic Arts Festival 2018 held in IAMAS(https://www.iamas.ac.jp), Ogaki, Gifu in 2019/03/09~10. I will present my circuit sculpture work Electronic Delay Time Automatic Calculator(EDTAC) which I made when I visited NY last fall. Additionaly, I will give a presentation about the work in 38th meeting of Japan Society of Sonic Arts which will be held in same days.

Exhibition and Presentation of EDTAC at ICSAF2018(2019-03-05)

I will perform in an event “SLEEP #1” held at Ochiai Soup, Tokyo in 2019/02/17. The event is consists of performances and talks, I will perform with my electro-acoustic instrument Exidiophone and talk about it. http://ochiaisoup.com/?p=3200

2019/02/17 Performance in SLEEP 1 at 落合Soup(2019-02-17)

I’m opening a call for job gigs for 2019 now. If you interested in, please check the link below. https://matsuuratomoya.com/en/contact/callforjob

Opening a call for job gigs for 2019(2019-01-05)

On 6th January, 2019, I’ll perform at Suidoubashi Ftarri. This day, I and Leo Okagawa will perform twice solo set. I’ll play with Exidiophone, my original instrument and Cracklebox and also my new set with a laptop and a voice. http://www.ftarri.com/suidobashi/index-e.html

1/6 Suidoubashi ftarri Live(Solo*2)(2018-12-31)

I’ll play in Algorave Tokyo held in 19th Aug. at ANAGRA TOKYO. https://algorave.tokyo/ A reservation form is here I’ll play with my laptop set after a long time. If I can, I’ll do live-coding with Faust.

Play in Algorave Tokyo 2018 August(2018-07-29)

I’ll play in Suidoubashi Ftarri 6th anniversary concert vol.3 in 13th Aug. https://www.ftarri.com/suidobashi/index-e.html

Play in ftarri 6th anniversary concert(2018-07-21)

I’ll play as a member of Hasunuma Shuta Full-Philharmonic Orchestra in 18th Aug., at Sumida Triphony Hall. https://www.hasunumaphil.com/live/77/

Play in "Fullphony" by Hasunuma Fullphilharmonic Orchestra(2018-07-20)

I made a remix track for a Special Remix CD of “Anthropocene”, a new album of Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra. My track, “Anthropocene-outro 松浦知也 Remix” is included only in Tower Records Shinjuku Store Version. https://www.hasunumaphil.com/topics/244/

Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra "Anthropocene" Limited Remix CD(2018-07-18)

In 7/14, I’ll do a presentation about my self-made instrument “Exidiophone” in 42th regular meeting of The Musicological Society of Japan, West Japan Branch held in Kyushu University Ohashi Campus(Presentation is only in japanese). https://www.musicology-japan.org/activity/meeting.html

Presentation in 42th regular meeting of The Musicological Society of Japan, West Japan Branch(2018-07-13)