10/01 live@Yakuin IAF SHOP* "make instrument, make score"

published: 2017-09-16

last modified: 2018-11-28

I’ll organize the live session “make instrument,make score” in 2017/10/01(Sun) at Yakuin IAF SHOP*.

General Info

“make instrument, make score”

  • 2017/10/01 18:00open 18:30 start
  • charge:1000yen(w/1drink)
  • no reservation


Matsuura Tomoya,Tanikawa Hotaka


Yakuin IAF SHOP*

Address:3-7-19,Yakuin,Chuo-ku,Fukuoka-shi 2F

contact:matsuura.nonymous[at]gmail.com (Matsuura)

Statement from actors

Tanikawa Hotaka

Hello. I’m Tanikawa Hotaka of Kyushu University Graduate School of design. I am making some sound works with the theme of the voice, common understandings, a living section, and etc.

At this live, I’ll show the tape work with only sound and the limited group-improvisation music with 5-lines score and the graphical score.

In the tape work and the group improvisation, I want to show a border between voice-sound to non-voice-sound, and in the graphical score work, the lack and the interpolation of the musical information.

In the group-improvisation work, if you bring some musical instrument, you can join the works. if so, contact me.

Matsuura Tomoya

Hello I’m Matsuura Tomoya. I’m making some artworks about the “Live” and “Archive” in a sound, in particular, with the perspective of “instrument” recently.

At the wave reflection in an end of the wind instrument, an amplifying circuit in synthesizer and even playing instument, We can see many feedback structures in musical instruments.

In history, feedbacks are used in various form when playing. In this time, I’ll take making feedback structure itself as making an instrument.

In this live,I’ll organaize each of sound pressure, electricity and mathmatical simple-feedback structure into one huge instrument and play it.

The acts are only 2 sets so I’ll do a bit long performance,maybe with the laptop, the cracklebox and something.

Feel free to come! Waiting for your coming.

Sound …