12/24 Live Event"Rokushou" 12/24 Live Event"Rokushou"

publish : 2017-11-30

last update : 2018-11-28

2017/12/24(Sun),Live Event”Rokushou” #0 will be held and I’ll play in it at Ochiai Soup,Tokyo.


緑青 Rokushou #0


Peatix Ticket Page


Facebook Event Page(about reservation, please do at peatix.)


General Info


  • 2017/12/24(Sun)

  • open 18:00

  • start 19:00


  • Adv. 1500yen
  • Door 2000yen
  • +1drink 500yen


Ochiai Soup https://ochiaisoup.com/

(Mikasa Build. B1F, 3-9-10,Kami Ochiai,Shinjuku Ward,Tokyo. 161-0034)

Live Acts


Yoshiki Masuda https://yoshikimasuda.com/

Chiho Oka https://okachiho.com/

Tomoya Matsuura https://matsuuratomoya.com/


Nekoze Foods VS Iroha Goda https://twitter.com/nekozefoods https://irohagoda.tokyo/

Stage Visual

Tomomi Oka (ZEN-NOKAN) https://www.zen-nokan.com/

Promotional designer

Honatsu Yamazaki https://tknmkin.tumblr.com/

3 musicians, they are making somthing like electronic music but no specific genre can be appied.

The Blue of the traffic signal is actually Green, it is often said in Japan. From worldwide view, the border between green and blue is very different by the cultural background. There is the word of “Grue”, the vague color between green and blue. By the way, today’s electronic music is too varying to divide into genres, one is from the classical electronic music, the other is from the dance music,,, What s/he is listening in front of same stage may completely different from what I listening by his/her musical background. However the musics which are difficult to fits some specific genre, stuff into one place, they may become somewhat cool or interesting.

My performance in June was with no computer, in October was partially computer. So in this live, I’ll do with only computer.