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3 creations that rethink a generation of sound from media archaeological viewpoints

Tomoya Matsuura

Master thesis for Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University

2019-03-20 Reviewed PDF

音響装置作品《送れ|遅れ / post|past》の制作からの考察 メディア考古学的視点からのメディアアート

Tomoya Matsuura

東京藝術大学 音楽環境創造科 卒業制作・論文集 2017

2017-02-10 Reviewed PDF


Exploring the Cross-Species Experience and the Coevolutionary Capacity: Sensorial Transcoding and Critical Play Design of Bio-Sonic Sense

Petros Ioannidis, Jung-ah Son, Hernani Villaseñor Ramírez, Tomoya Matsuura

RE: SOUND 2019–8th International Conference on Media Art, Science, and Technology 8

2019-08-22 Reviewed PDF

Electronic Delay Time Automatic Calculator that explores an alternative way to generate sound by a computer

Tomoya Matsuura, Kazuhiro Jo

Japan Society for Sonic Arts Report

2019-03-10 PDF

Aphysical Unmodeling Instrument: Sound Installation that Re-Physicalizes a Meta-Wind-Instrument Physical Model, Whirlwind

Tomoya Matsuura, Jo Kazuhiro

Proceedings of the international conference on new interfaces for musical expression 2018

2018-06-07 Reviewed PDF

『Aphysical Unmodeling Instrument』 ―モデリングから音・音楽を再考するサウンドインスタレーション―

Tomoya Matsuura, Kazuhiro Jo

Japan Society for Sonic Arts Report

2017-12-16 PDF



Tomoya Matsuura, Kazuhiro Jo

The Musicological Society of Japan West Branch 42th Regular Meeting

2018-07-14 PDF

『Aphysical Unmodeling Instrument』サウンドインスタレーション制作を通じてのフィードバックを中心とした電子楽器の枠組みの再考(Poster Presentatio)

Tomoya Matsuura, Kazuhiro Jo

AES Students Japan forum 2017

2017-11-25 PDF

Others(Informal Research/Random Writings)


Tomoya Matsuura


2020-06-22 PDF