Solo Performance at Ftarri(20210429)(2021)

3DX(plugin development)(2020)



A mashup for "Nothing is Real(Strawberry fields)" & "I am sitting in a room" by Alvin Lucier(2020)


かいじゅうのすみか(Sound Programming)(2019)

Solo Performances(2019)

車-machine-無地-R(Remix of "The City Where the Whale is Sleeping" by Kasanegi Wristband)(2019)

Exidiophone(Musical Instrument)(2018)

Electronic Delay Time Automatic Calculator(EDTAC)(2018)

A3!展(Sound System Development)(2018)


Shuta Hasunuma Full Philharmonic Orchestra(2018)

Tree of gods YAKUSUGI 〜EUR 1 Million Table〜(Programming/Composition)(2018)

Aphysical Unmodeling Instrument(2018)



AINICLE(Tech Support)(2017)

Live Performance with Feedback Mixer(2017)

送れ | 遅れ / post | past (rev.2)(2017)

送れ | 遅れ / post | past(2017)

Graduation Exhibition of TUA-MCE(2017)

Works at teamlab(2017)

IR Measurement Toolbox for Max/MSP(2016)

Acoustic Delay (⇔) Memory(2016)

GEIDAI ANIMATION 2015 Graduation Works/1st Grade Works(Sound Design)(2016)

Hololoca 「へそにたまるのは呪い、こころだけがあるわ」(2015)

GEIDAI ANIMATION 2014 1st grade works(Sound Design)(2015)

Spectraspectacular(AMC Soundproject 2014)(2015)



A charm not to wither after the rain(2014)