Exidiophone(Musical Instrument)(2018)

Solo Performances(2018)

Electronic Delay Time Automatic Calculator(EDTAC)(2018)

A3!展(Sound System Development)(2018)


Shuta Hasunuma Full Philharmonic Orchestra(2018)

Tree of gods YAKUSUGI 〜EUR 1 Million Table〜(Programming/Composition)(2018)

Aphysical Unmodeling Instrument(2018)



AINICLE(Tech Support)(2017)

Live Performance with Feedback Mixer(2017)

送れ | 遅れ / post | past (rev.2)(2017)

送れ | 遅れ / post | past(2017)

Graduation Exhibition of TUA-MCE(2017)

Works at teamlab(2017)

IR Measurement Toolbox for Max/MSP(2016)

Acoustic Delay (⇔) Memory(2016)

GEIDAI ANIMATION 2015 Graduation Works/1st Grade Works(Sound Design)(2016)

Hololoca 「へそにたまるのは呪い、こころだけがあるわ」(2015)

GEIDAI ANIMATION 2014 1st grade works(Sound Design)(2015)

Spectraspectacular(AMC Soundproject 2014)(2015)



A charm not to wither after the rain(2014)