published: 2017-12-24

last modified: 2018-12-31

A study group of music to think contemporary and electronic (including pop music) continuously. Member is Tomoya Matsuura, Yoshiki Masuda and Chiho Oka.

Rokushou(緑青) means Verdigris and also taken from the word Grue, the contradictory word between Green and Brue


At Ochiai Soup, 24th December, 2017

緑青 #1 “復習(Relisten)”

A talk event held in Tochika, an alternative space in Kitasenju, Tokyo, in 22th June, 2018.

緑青 #2 “練習(Practice)”

A small event held at 7th Hall, Senju Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts on 25th July,2018.

Each performer made a song with the constraint that uses some voices. In the event, each performer played the song from speaker, and performed the same song after playback.

Aphysical Unmodeling …