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2018-07-29 : Play in Algorave Tokyo 2018 August

2018-07-21 : Play in ftarri 6th anniversary concert

2018-07-20 : Play in "Fullphony" by Hasunuma Fullphilharmonic Orchestra

2018-07-18 : Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra "Anthropocene" Limited Remix CD

2018-07-13 : Presentation in 42th regular meeting of The Musicological Society of Japan, West Japan Branch

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Tomoya Matsuura

Tomoya Matsuura (Fukuoka, Japan) is a sound artist who builds systems that describe and generate sound. These take the form of music, sound installations, and instruments.

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2017-09-06 : process wav file simply with faust2sndfile

This article is introduction how to apply effects written in faust to wave files.

2018-11-28 : blog

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