Matsuura Tomoya

Matsuura Tomoya



(Photo by Noguchi Shohei)

Sound Maker/Engineer/Designer/Programmer

I make sound artworks, electric musical instruments, systems for live performance and also composing, playing and so on.

A strong interest in making works is “System” in varying media around sound, in particular, the relationship between “Liveness/Communication” and “Archive/Record/Memory”.

In addition, I also develop sound systems/program for installation art works as a technical support, recording, sound design of animation, theatre sound design/SR and so on.


Born in 1994 in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Pref. Living in Fukuoka Pref. Japan.

2010.04~2013.03 Kanagawa Sohgoh Highschool

2013.04~2016.03 Tokyo University of the Arts Music Creation and Environment in Music Program(Project 3:Sound Engineering, Kamekawa Toru lab.) Bachelor(Music)

2015.02~2017.03 teamlab Sound Engineer

2015.08~09 YCAM(Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media) interlab Internship

2016.04~ Kyushu University Graduate School of Design, Master Program Department of Design, Content and Creative Design Course, Digital Content Design Division(Jo Kazuhiro lab.)


2015 Ataka-Scholarship

2017(on the Graduation of the Bachelor) Acanthus Music Prize

2017 23rd Campus Genius Award Nominate (送れ | 遅れ / post | past)

2017 Asia Digital Art Award 2017 Interactive Art(Student) Section Finalist Award (送れ | 遅れ / post | past)


Frequently Use

  • Max/MSP
  • Faust
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Cubase
  • Puredata
  • Javascript(including Node.js)


  • Openframeworks
  • Julia
  • Processing
  • Protools
  • R
  • JUCE