Matsuura Tomoya



(Photo by Noguchi Shohei)

SoundMaker: who makes a sound, makes instruments to make a sound, and makes environments to make the instruments. He calls his own research area “Civil Engineering of Music”, which designs socio-technical infrastructure around sound and music critically through practices. He develops “mimium” a programming language for music(2019~), and does performances with “Exidiophone”, an electro-acoustic instrument that makes sound with only an audio-feedback.

He also works as an engineer who does a technical direction, sound design and programming for commercial installations and other artists’ works.

Ph.D in Design. He is born in 1994 at Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated Department of Music and Environment in Tokyo University of the Arts and Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University.

Currently working as Project Assistant Professor at Art Media Center in Tokyo University of the Arts.

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Born in 1994 in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Pref. Living in Kanagawa Pref. Japan.

2010.04~2013.03 Kanagawa Sohgoh Highschool

2013.04~2017.03 Tokyo University of the Arts Music Creation and Environment in Music Program(Project 3:Sound Engineering, Kamekawa Toru lab.) Bachelor(Music)

2017.04~2019.04 Kyushu University Graduate School of Design, Master Program Department of Design, Content and Creative Design Course, Digital Content Design Division(Jo Kazuhiro lab.)

2018.09~11 School for Poetic Computation Fall 2018 Class Student

2019.04~2022.03 Kyushu University Graduate School of Design, Ph.D Program, Department of Design, Content and Creative Design Course(Jo Kazuhiro lab.)


2015.02~2017.03 teamlab Sound Engineer

2015.08~09 YCAM(Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media) interlab Internship

2022.04 Project Assistant Professor at Art Media Center in Tokyo University of the Arts


2015 Ataka-Scholarship

2017(on the Graduation of the Bachelor) Acanthus Music Prize

2017 Asia Digital Art Award 2017 Interactive Art(Student) Section Finalist Award (送れ | 遅れ / post | past)

2017 23rd Campus Genius Award Nominate (送れ | 遅れ / post | past)

2018 KAKEHASHI foundation Scholarship Student

2019年 Kitakyushu Digital Creators Contest Selected (Aphysical Unmodeling Instrument)

Technical Skills


  • Cycling'74 Max
  • Faust
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • C++
    • Openframeworks
    • JUCE
    • Max SDK(min-devkit)
  • JavaScript
  • Puredata
  • Rust
    • nannou
    • egui
    • cpal

Sound Design

basic recording/mixing/foley with…

  • Cubase
  • Protools

Digital Fablication

  • Laser Cutter
  • Basic 3D printing
  • Fusion360
  • PCB prototyping with CNC milling machine


  • Arduino
  • Autodesk Eagle
  • KiCad
  • FlatCAM


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