published: 2014-12-15

last modified: 2019-01-01

Exihibited at Senju Art Path 2014(Tokyo University of the Arts, Senju Campus annual exhibition)


The circular cable, hanged on the space, is connected from a microphone to (actually, via PC,) to Speaker.

When people intercept between the microphone to the speaker, howling(audio-feedback,Larsen effect) occurs. The volume was set to be stable, not overdrived.

A timber of the effect varys from the things or state of interception.

Usually a micophone and speaker will not be set to face-to-face. Usually if we intercept the feedback, sounds will be eliminated but this generate sound.

And, its sound will generated by folding and stacking the ambient/sound from people.

I tried to explore the sound that are overlapped vibration as actual experience.

document(appended in 2017)

The Speaker is made to that can be generate any of sounds ideally. if so, the speaker can generate a certain sound, which can’t be generated by any of synthesizers, only by Speakers. It is similar to explore the sound that is in nowhere now. This is expansion of the Recording.

In this works, the sound occurs when your hand is put between microphone to speaker. This relationship is, in some means, a fake.

The motion was captured and detected by a camera mounted on a ceiling, and gain of speaker was controlled by computer. So there’s no phyisical/real relativity. But We can feel something on that space between the mic and the speaker if the sound come only when the hand is put between the two.

Actually, is there nothing? The coming sound itself is amplified-captured sound, It’s not a fake. It keeps trying something can be seen nothing.



A charm not to wither …